Lover's Leaf
Lover’s Leaf

I have the most beautiful Chinese Maple in front of my house. Early spring weather has brought it into full bloom already. It’s magnificent and as usual I attempted to see if I could express its beauty. Sometimes that’s the problem with painting nature. It’s almost impossible to make it as beautiful. In fact, my teacher once said; if you can’t improve it then don’t change it. Ha, that sounds like the judges talking to the contestants on American Idol. They always think they can make it better than the original creator. Yet, when I create landscape paintings, I just wish I could give you a piece of what I see, a morsel of God, the passion, the brilliance, the colors.

This is my 16th painting for my #paint52 challenge. The painting measures 24″ X 36″ Atelier Interactive acrylic on a museum wrapped canvas (Framing isn’t needed). Available for purchase $2160. Thanks so much for visiting.