Twitter Followers
Twitter Followers 24″ x 48″ oil on linen $2880

I was enticed to paint this painting reflecting the common people, people in our everyday life, such a variety, all unique and distinct. But there was also something “sheepish” about how they were marching all in a row, making sure they kept their appropriate space from the person in front or behind. Some seemed conscious, while others were definitely not present. They almost seemed to be marching, and marching, where? Where are they going? Are we caught following others, sometimes forgetting our own journey or perhaps following others dreams not our own? Or just caught in our daily life routines, one day the same as the next, just out of habit. Can we wake up and enjoy our surroundings?

This is painting thirteen of my #paint52 Challenge and another painting for my San Francisco series. “Twitter Followers” measures 24″ X 48″, oil on linen.

Thanks again for all your support following my challenge and especially when you leave a comment. I so appreciate it.