An ever present, powerful Spirit is constantly empowering, comforting and connecting us to ourselves and to one another through the stories we tell. This sense of the Spirit stirs me to perceive light as the underlying interconnectedness of people and our environment. As a storyteller, my inspiration is luminous light, and color is my emotive language. Primarily a studio painter; I use a camera to capture my subjects in the dramatic moment that I encounter them. I share my aesthetic experience as I manipulate the photographs to interpret the essence of my subjects. With bold use of color, I capture the energy of the spirit and share the essence of what I observe with the objective of transmitting that story to the spirit within you.

Each piece of artwork demands a specific pallet and a unique medium chosen from oil, acrylic, Cold Wax or pastel. Cold Wax is an exciting medium that lends a sensuous immediacy, which I am drawn to, as well as a physicality provided by scrapping and mark making. I am stretching the capacity for each medium allowing for happy accidents that may surprise you with an authentic emotional and spiritual experience of our shared humanity.