1970                 AA French
1974                 BA San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
1991-92           Gavilan College Minor: Art, Gilroy CA



2021                  Cold Wax Academy workshop, Rebecca Crowell & Jerry Mclaughlin
2017                  Karen Kaapcke, Menlo Park, CA
2017                  Six Approaches to Abstracting the Figure, Melinda Cootsona
2017                  Pathways to Abstraction Part 2, Pauline Agnew
2017                  Natural Impulses, Expressive Landscape, Pauline Agnew
2016                  Pathways to Abstraction, Pauline Agnew
2016                  Cold Wax, Melinda Cootsona, Menlo Park
2016                  Martin Campos PAFA, Menlo Park, CA 2016
2001                  Charles Sovek, Sebastopol, CA
2009                  Randall Sexton, Los Gatos, CA 2009
1999                  Color Seeing, Camille Przewodek, Saratoga, CA
1998-96             Color and Composition, Mike Linstrom, Los Gatos, CA
1995                  Charles Movalli, Monterey,
1994                  Oil Painting, George de Groat
1993                  Life Drawing George de Groat, Carmel, CA
1993-91             Color and Composition, Diane Wallace, Morgan Hill, CA



2022               Story of Twelve, Colibri Gallery, Morgan Hill, CA
2015               Private Show, Morgan Hill, CA
2014               Gilroy Art Alliance, Gilroy CA
2014               Community Cultural Center, Morgan Hill, CA (Juried: Amy Whelan)
2014               Rosewood CordeValle, San Martin, CA
2007               California Cowboy, Private Show, Santana Row, San Jose, CA
1999               In The Garden, Goose Pond Gallery, Morgan Hill, CA
1995               Let’s Play Ball, Gallery Morgan Hill, Morgan Hill, CA



2022               Above and Below”, Artsy, Juror Jennifer Perlmutter
2022               Women artists Making Their Mark, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley CA, juror Seager Gray Gallery
2022               Red” Exhibition, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA-Juror Jen Tough
2022               Choice” Exhibition, Artsy, Art Alliance
2021               Watermelon Sugar High Art Alliance
2008               Two Fish, San Jose, CA
2009               Leedo Gallery, Gilroy, CA
2005               Rosewood CordeValle, San Martin, CA
2003               Clos Los Chance, San Martin, CA
2002               “Breath of Fresh Air” Morgan Hill, CA
2000               Gilroy 2000 Art & Culture Exhibit, Gilroy, CA
1999               Circle of Eight, Los Gatos Museum of Art, Los Gatos, CA
1998               Local Essence Art and Cultural Exhibit, Gilroy, CA
1998               Home Again, Gavilan College, Gilroy, CA,
1995               Fourth Annual Local Essence Art Exhibit, Gilroy, CA
1994               “For the Love of Color” Artist Forum Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA
1994               Gilroy Art Show, Gilroy, CA



2014               “From Lumberwoman to Published Artist” May 28,Morgan Hill Times, Morgan Hill CA
2014               The Importance of Color and the Composition of Light: An interview with Janet Vanderhoof June 27 LAAH online magazine
2013               “A Beautiful Journey” June 6, Morgan Hill Times, Morgan Hill, CA
2002               “Painter Follows Her Bliss”, September, Pinnacle Newspaper, Gilroy, CA
1995               “Strike Caused Artist to Depict Baseball Greats”, May, San Jose Mercury Newspaper, San Jose, CA
1995               Exhibit Recalls Baseball Nostalgic Days”, Let’s Go/Gilroy Dispatch, Gilroy, CA
1994               “For Love of Color Artist Forum Gallery”, September, The Guide: A digest of Art exhibitions in Northern California



2004               Local Artist Series, First Place plus image on wine label Guglielmo Winery, Morgan Hill, CA
2000               Gilroy 2000 Art and Culture Exhibit, Third Place, Gilroy, CA (Juror: Rebecca M Schapp)
1998               First and Third Place oil, Local Essence Show Gilroy, CA (Jurors- Christine Hanlon, Audrey Ray, and
1998               Margaret Keelan Faculty Academy of art College San Francisco
1995               First Place oil, Gilroy Art Show, Gilroy, CA (Juror: L. Van Waldron)
1995               Second Place oil, Santa Clara County Fair, San Jose, CA
1995               First Place oil, Local Essence Show, Gilroy, CA (Juror: PatriciiaSuggs)
1994               First Place and Honorable Mention oil, Local Essence Show, Gilroy, CA (Juror: Carlos Perez)
1994               First Place Oil, Gilroy Art Show, Gilroy, CA (Juror: Joyce Valpey)
1992               Theater Angels Scholarship, Gavilan College, Gilroy (Jurors Art Faculty)



2017-2018     Colibri Art and Frame, Morgan Hill, CA
2014-2018     Fast Frame, Morgan Hill, CA
2007-2018     Leedo Gallery, Gilroy, CA
1998-1999     Goose Pond Gallery, Morgan Hill. CA
1994-1995     Artist Forum Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA
1995-1997     Gallery Morgan Hill, Morgan Hill, CA



2007-2018     Grand Image, 4730 Ohio Avenue South, Seattle WA 98134



Private collection, Vancouver, Canada
Private collection, Toronto, Ontario
Private collection, Eugene, Oregon
Private collection, Paris, France
Private collection, Danbury, Connecticut
Private collection, New York, New York
Private collection, Kansas City, Missouri
Private collection, Hanalei, Kauai
Private collection, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
Private collection, Atherton, Campbell, Gilroy, Healdsburg, Morgan Hill, Redwood City, San Martin, San Jose, Piedmont, Woodside, California