Black Sox

I don’t know why I feel scared, but maybe this is a good indication that what I am about to embark on is a real challenge. I was inspired last night. Returning home from a wonderful Christmas dinner, with maybe one too many glasses of wine, walking to the door I heard “You will paint 100 paintings in 2012”. Is this a revised version of “If you build it they will come”? At first, I heard myself saying, “100 paintings that is absurd”, quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Oh dear, I was falling into my own trap of wanting everything to be perfect. I was reminded of a previous blog that I wrote called “Perfectionism What a Killer”.

Ok, I did though have a conversation with myself. I didn’t want the challenge to be so unrealistic, that I would have many excuses not to complete the challenge. I decided to match the amount of weeks in a year, and the last I heard there were fifty-two. Fifty-two paintings, is still quite a challenge. I have never painted close to that amount in a year. My word means a lot to me and to proclaim that I will do something, I better honor it or have a good reason not to.

I’m answering the call. I Janet Vanderhoof, will paint fifty-two paintings, in the year of 2012. I will post my paintings on Twitter as they are completed, follow the hashtag, #paint52. I will also keep a blog journal of the weekly creating. I would be very honored if you would follow me on my journey, perhaps subscribe to my blog to keep abreast of the progress.

Man, am I scared, please support my journey, I know I will need it. Painting above SOLD