Artists have you ever had a chill while painting a painting? 

Influenced by the movie “Vertigo” directed by Alfred Hitchcock, I was drawn to paint a scene taken place at Ernie’s Restaurant in San Francisco.  It became more enticing to paint, since it could also used as part of my San Francisco series. 

There was no avoiding the red; it became very psychological, just as Hitchcock wanted it to be.  He purposely used certain colors in certain scenes indicating warning, guilt, polarity, ambiguity and death.

It is hard to paint a red painting without be moved emotionally.  Using a touch of pink softened the aggressiveness.  The Hitchcock blue intentionally used in the suit of Jimmy Stewart’s was to indicate guilt, I didn’t realize this until more research was found. 

While painting the painting, my father showed up, with his familiar hairline, stature and common gesture of placing his hands in his pocket. No matter what I did, the painting resembled my father, my father who passed away 52 years ago. That’s when the chill came, my own little Hitchcock experience in my studio appeared.

This is my thirty-third painting of my #paint52 challenge, Atelier Interactive Acrylic on velum, measures approximately 8″ X 8″, price $175.00.

*All art from Janet Vanderhoof’s Fine Art Gallery, maybe seen in Janet’s studio at Morgan Hill, CA.   You may purchase through contacting my email or phone (408) 460-7237.  Thank you!