Do You Have Art On Your Walls?

Lion's Peak Garden 36" x 36" oil on canvas
Lion's Peak Garden 36" x 36" oil on canvas

“Collectors are happy people”~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Do you remember art in your home when you were a child?  Did it inspire you or fascinate you?

Do you believe art is important to have in your home?

Are you intimidated when going into an art gallery?

How often do you go to an art museum?

Would you ever consider commissioning an artist to create a work of art for you?  What would it be of?

When you go to someone’s home and the owner has quite a collection what do you think?  How does the home make you feel?

Do you know what type of art you prefer?

Do you own a favorite piece of art?  Why is it your favorite?

Have you inherited a work of art?

How do you think having art in the home affects your children?

Are you a collector?  How did your collecting start?

Do you believe purchasing art is a good investment?

Have you ever furnished a room around a piece of art?

Has a work of art ever made you cry?

Do you buy art from the heart or the head?

*Above painting a commissioned piece "Lion's Gate Garden" 36" X 36", oil on museum wrapped canvas.  For commissions please contact me at (408) 460-7237 or 

*ART20K footage completed 10,996 square inches

*All art from Janet Vanderhoof’s Fine Art Gallery, maybe seen in Janet’s studio at Morgan Hill, CA.   You may purchase through contacting my email or phone (408) 460-7237.  Thank you!

Commissions Suit Me

Garden of Fortune 16" X 20" oil on canvas
Garden of Fortune 16" X 20" oil on canvas


Commissions suit me. They set limits. ~Jean Cocteau


I know to some artist’s commissions are a nightmare, but I love them. I love to problem solve and figure out a way to create a piece that makes us both happy. The customer’s input always inspires me and widens my vision.

 Recently, I finished a commission to paint a garden.  Due to logistics, I had my customer take photos for reference.  Currently, she wanted a smaller painting 16” X 20” and later suggested that I do a larger one. 

The secret to doing a successful commission is to take a lot of photos and preferably when the sun is in the early morning or later afternoon.  Taking photos at noon or close to noon will create harsh light, unnecessary shadows and distort the photos.

Customer's photo reference for painting
Customer's photo reference for painting

Next, I drew a black and white sketch for her approval, as seen below.  I will usually edit the photo to help the composition and color. I focused on the stool as the focal point, creating a triangular composition and juxtaposing the stool. We then decided on the size, canvas or paper, museum wrapped or standard canvas, oil or acrylic, a warmer or cooler painting and what she would love to see. Creating became a team effort, allowing me room for my own creativity to emerge; a perfect match.

Commission sketch, Garden of Fortune
Commission sketch, Garden of Fortune

It must be that time of the year; I have another commission as well to paint a garden.  Why don’t you allow me to paint your garden, savoring your memory, as my customer did?   “I especially loved the garden stool.  It is so well done.  I sit there every morning and now I will always have this painting to remind me of my lovely beginnings to my days.”  Now that is special and it makes me feel very good to bring joy to others through my paintings.

For commissions information contact me @ or cell (408) 460-7237. 

*ART20K footage completed 9700 square inches


Happiness Project

Happiness Project, 48" X 48" Oil on museum wrapped canvas
Happiness Project, 48" X 48" Oil on museum wrapped canvas

Less is more~Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

 “Happiness project” was a new adventure for me, painting a much larger painting than usual, (48” X 48”) and also have the under-painting be entirely bright red.  For some reason the red under-painting made the canvas feel larger. Trying to have control in this unfamiliar setting was even more difficult. 

I am definitely not a minimalist in a classic way, but when painting I like to use my teacher’s guideline, “when it says what it is there is no need to say more”.

Leaving bits and pieces of the red underpainting created a glow, especially when a transparent hue was used. When taking a photograph,  the reflection of the red under-painting vibrated, that is why I took a video of the detail to give you a better view of the color and value.

I was concerned about painting the red out.  I found myself asking the question “When is the painting finished?” That one extra stroke can put it over the edge.

When do you think the painting is finished?  Have you ever gone to far?


*ART20K footage completed 9380 square inches.

*Painting "Happiness Project" measures 48" X 48", oil on museum wrapped canvas, price $5760.

*All art from Janet Vanderhoof’s Fine Art Gallery, maybe seen in Janet’s studio at Morgan Hill, CA.   You may purchase through contacting my email or phone (408) 460-7237.  Thank you!


"Guardians of Being"


Every being is a spark of the Divine or God. Look into the eyes of the dog and sense that innermost core. ~Eckhart Tolle

I was commissioned by friends of mine to paint their dog Ollie.  I felt it a privilege that they would trust me with such an intimate painting.  Painting a pet is similar to painting someone’s child.  I found the best way to capture the essence of Ollie" was through his eyes.  Isn’t it true that the eyes are the windows of the soul? 

As they talked about Ollie, I recognized their deep love for their friend.  I also shared my love of my dog, Daisy, a yellow lab.  I noticed instantly that our moods quickly changed to delight, smiles, and a deeper connection, relating to each other as dog lovers and owners. 

Because dogs are always in the moment, they have the ability to connect us to stillness, being and awareness.  Dogs are not caught up in the mind like humans.  When we pet and hold our animal it connects us to that being-ness. 

My dog Daisy is a love; she loves lying on my feet as I sit in my sacred place. I can tell when my son Blake pets Daisy, he feels instantly calmed, centered and peaceful.  My husband walks Daisy daily, which instantly balances him, helps him get out of his mind and into a state of being. 

Blake and Daisy~Christmas 2012
Blake and Daisy~Christmas 2012

Here is a wonderful video with the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and Eckart Tolle, talking about the core of goodness in dogs and how we can benefit from them.




Do you have a pet? Do you have a story to share?

*If you are interested in commissioning me to paint your pet, please contact me either by email, or phone (408)460-7237, thank you!

Vulnerability And The Big Challenge

Delicate Vulnerability 36" x 48", acrylic on museum wrapped canvas
Delicate Vulnerability
36" x 48", acrylic on museum wrapped canvas

“Armed I am with love. Disarmed I am.” 
― Manuel Alegre

Tomorrow I am going to speak about my #paint52 project for Alyson B Stanfield’s Art Biz Incubation group.  I have taken three of her workshops and been so pleased with the outcome and her standard of quality in anything she offers. 

Our topic will be on committing to doing a “big project”.  Doing two big projects in a row #paint52 and now Art20K has pushed me in many ways, just due to its natural progression and momentum.  I don’t want to elaborate for I will be talking about it tomorrow.  But, let’s just say talking in front of a group is pretty "big" for me.

The painting above was also out of my comfort zone.  I did something totally unpredictable and unexpected for me.  It felt very uncomfortable.  I posted it on Facebook and many people enjoyed the painting. I could have left it as is, but I needed to push myself further, even if it was a disaster.  I could risk and perhaps still did ruin the painting. Yet, the only way I learn and grow is to push myself.

Now what does doing big projects, talking to Alyson’s group and my painting has in common.  I guess first of all I am putting myself in a vulnerable situation.  I risk failing.  In the end I have to be all right with it not being perfect, exposing who I am and realizing I am still good enough.  Isn’t that always the bottom line, “Am I good enough”? 

What risk are you afraid to take and why?

*ART20K footage completed 6996 square inches.

*Painting above, Title: “Delicate Vulnerability", measures 36″ x 48″, Acrylic on museum wrapped canvas (no need for framing), Price $4320

*All art from Janet Vanderhoof’s Fine Art Gallery, maybe seen in Janet’s studio at Morgan Hill, CA.   You may purchase through contacting my email or phone (408) 460-7237.  Thank you!