Garden of Fortune 16" X 20" oil on canvas
Garden of Fortune 16″ X 20″ oil on canvas


Commissions suit me. They set limits. ~Jean Cocteau


I know to some artist’s commissions are a nightmare, but I love them. I love to problem solve and figure out a way to create a piece that makes us both happy. The customer’s input always inspires me and widens my vision.

 Recently, I finished a commission to paint a garden.  Due to logistics, I had my customer take photos for reference.  Currently, she wanted a smaller painting 16” X 20” and later suggested that I do a larger one. 

The secret to doing a successful commission is to take a lot of photos and preferably when the sun is in the early morning or later afternoon.  Taking photos at noon or close to noon will create harsh light, unnecessary shadows and distort the photos.

Customer's photo reference for painting
Customer’s photo reference for painting

Next, I drew a black and white sketch for her approval, as seen below.  I will usually edit the photo to help the composition and color. I focused on the stool as the focal point, creating a triangular composition and juxtaposing the stool. We then decided on the size, canvas or paper, museum wrapped or standard canvas, oil or acrylic, a warmer or cooler painting and what she would love to see. Creating became a team effort, allowing me room for my own creativity to emerge; a perfect match.

Commission sketch, Garden of Fortune
Commission sketch, Garden of Fortune

It must be that time of the year; I have another commission as well to paint a garden.  Why don’t you allow me to paint your garden, savoring your memory, as my customer did?   “I especially loved the garden stool.  It is so well done.  I sit there every morning and now I will always have this painting to remind me of my lovely beginnings to my days.”  Now that is special and it makes me feel very good to bring joy to others through my paintings.

For commissions information contact me @ or cell (408) 460-7237. 

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