I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the years’. Henry Moore

Artists it is a new year and it beckons you to take risks, stretch yourself and become the best you can be.  I have heard many times that New Year’s Resolutions really don’t work.  Perhaps this is true.  But…..How can we as artists motivate ourselves to be the best we can be?  I thought I would make a list of ideas for you to give you some incentive, as well as links from inspiring individuals.  

  1. Be productive by thinking better, use this tool to achieve your goals; this is an excerpt from “Think Better” by innovator Tim Hurson.
  2. Choose a word that gives you a succinct focus on what you want to accomplish this year. 
  3. Discover a new medium.
  4. Acquire a new skill.
  5. Paint larger, smaller, use different tools, or materials.
  6. Read Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
  7. Choose one powerful goal.  I’m a firm believer if the goal is powerful enough it will overflow to all areas of your career and creativity. Check out my goal to paint 52 paintings in one year. Be sure to listen to the interview for more tips. “Challenge Yourself”
  8. Plan an art show and find a place to exhibit your art.  (In order to sell your art it must be seen)
  9. Do something scary!  Set a goal that is beyond all goals. BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) 
  10. Take an art workshop.
  11. Teach an art workshop.
  12. Create a website or update your website, including getting it mobile ready.
  13. Start a blog.
  14. Blog weekly
  15. Create a Newsletter.
  16. Join Pinterest, Instagram, or create a page on Facebook
  17. Focus on selling your art
  18. Find a mentor.
  19. Follow informative blogs: Red Dot Blog, Barney Davey, Alyson B Stanfield, Austin Kleon, Empty Easel, Lori McNee, Artsy Shark, The Abundant Artist, and of course mine Janet Vanderhoof
  20. Do a video demo, post it to YouTube
  21. Go to art shows, galleries and museums on monthly basis.
  22. Join “Doing one thing creative a day” with Michael Nobbs “Sustainably Creative”.
  23. Read “The War of Art: Break Through Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” by Steven Pressfield.
  24. Become involved in your local art community.
  25. And most importantly be consistent with your art practice daily.    


    Please mention in the comment area below if you have any more to add.  I would love to hear your ideas and what you plan on accomplishing this year.