Definition: Merriam-Webster
noun bless·ing
: approval that allows or helps you to do something

: help and approval from God

: something that helps you or brings happiness

Why do I write the “Blessing of the Day”? 

For the last three years, Monday through Friday, on Facebook, I have written a “Blessing of the Day”.

The evolution of the “Blessing of the Day” starts with a sleepy eyed old crone, waking up to the world, looking for a conversation with the universe.  “What does the Universe have to say to me today?”

Depending on the mood I go to the heart or the head. The heart always sets precedent and always makes the last decision.  Sometimes the blessing starts with a word or even a complete sentence.  This starts a progression to go deeper.  I then contemplate on what is said and ask more questions if I don’t comprehend or need further understanding.  As long as I ask, the inspired beginning always takes me to an answer.

My life is a prayer and I believe that the smallest thing we do can make a difference. The “Blessing of the Day” can be a small beginning to a big day.  

Some people respond, but some people prefer to read the blessing unnoticed.  Some say to me, “How did you know I needed this?”  Frankly, your guess is as good as mine; perhaps devine intervention. 🙂 

Something I have seen or heard, a book, a movie, a song or a dream usually inspires the “Blessings”.  My dreams many times have been the impulse of my blessings.  I am always listening to what the universe has to tell me.  And if I feel it’s important enough I will write it down for use later. The “Blessing” is never hurried, but sometimes comes very quickly. Many times they come to me loud and clear in a voice unfamiliar to my own. 

In a world where it is to easy to be negative and find fault, I hope the “Blessing of the Day”, can counteract that energy.  The “Blessing” is always brought to you with the understanding we are all in this together.  The “Blessing of the day” gives me an opportunity to think about others first thing in the morning.

“Blessings” are very intimate for me and please know that my heart and love for you surrounds it.  As you need, I need, we all need to feel included and not alone.  We are all looking for guidance.  It amazes me how a word of encouragement can change a person’s life or be reminded that we are loved and make a difference.  I believe in your power and your beauty.

So often we are caught up in a rut with our thoughts. We need to open ourselves to a different paradigm and shift into a positive new way of thinking; trusting that what we hear is what we need to hear.

We all have a higher self that knows better and wisdom is always available if we listen.  My wish is these few words a day can shift our way of thinking.

I have always believed what we give away will come back to us and I have always felt very blessed. Imagine, everyone giving a “Blessing of the Day” to others, which would be a beautiful thing. The more you bless the more you are blessed.  You have given me much joy reading and accepting the blessings.

I would love to hear from you if  “The Blessing of the Day” has made a difference for you.  Please leave your comments below.