Splendor in the Grass

What do you know for sure?” Oprah asks Deepak Chopra.  Deepak’s answer was quick no need for thought.  “What I know for sure is, I know nothing”. 

Continuing on my journey to complete 52 paintings in one year, I realize that I may have the same answer.   I currently have finished 43 paintings with only 9 more left to go on my challenge.  Right now I have questions, more than answers?

Has doing this challenge been worth it?  Why?  What have I gained?

Will I do the challenge again?

Have I had a good ROI (Return on investment)?  Does it matter?

What have been the negatives in doing this challenge?

Has doing prevented me from imagining?

Has the challenge prevented me from exploring other mediums?

What would be another way to challenge myself and still create an environment for action?

What if I had a challenge to do so many square inches?  Would that challenge me to do larger paintings?

Have I given myself time to study and improve or do I improve by doing?  (Maybe it is a little of both)

Has doing the challenge taken the romance out of painting or just made it another job?

Have I created more followers and do they look forward to my paintings?

Have “I” been an inspiration?


Strength in What Remains Behind


I would love your comments, especially if this challenge has influenced you in any way.   I am so grateful for all you who have followed my challenge, supported me and left comments.  I couldn’t have done it without you and if I did it would have been very lonely. 

“Splendor in the Grass” is my 42nd painting of my #paint52 challenge, Atelier Interactive Acrylic  on 400 lb. vellum, measures 16″ x 22″, price $880.00, plus Shipping and Handling.

“Strength in What Remains Behind” is my 43rd painting of my #paint52 challenge, Atelier Interactive Acrylic  on 400 lb. vellum,  measures 6″ x 7″, price $105.00 plus Shipping and Handling.

 *All art from Janet Vanderhoof’s Fine Art Gallery, maybe seen in Janet’s studio at Morgan Hill, CA.   You may purchase through contacting my email jvander51@msn.com or phone (408) 460-7237.  Thank you!