The Shift
The Shift

These are questions that seem to come up for me as an artist, constantly.  Artists do you have questions that come up for you regularly? What questions do you have? Would love to hear them.

Artists do you paint for yourself or paint for your audience?

If you paint something that sells, do you tend to repeat yourself and paint another version hoping it will sell again?

Do you bounce around painting a variety of styles or do you stick with one subject matter and pallet?

Do you take risks?

Do you experiment with different mediums?

Do you feel you are connected to your voice?

Is your artwork recognizable?

Do you have fun when you create?

When did you start acknowledging you were an artist?


*This is my 28th painting of my paint52 challenge.  Painting measures 24″ X 48″, Oil on wrapped linen canvas.  Price $2880.