Magical Mystery Tour
Magical Mystery Tour 18″ x 24″ gallery wrapped oil $1080

Hop on the bus for the “Magical Mystery Tour”. This is my sixth painting for the #paint52 challenge and also another addition to my San Francisco series. The painting measures 18″ X 24″ and the medium is Atelier Interactive Acrylic. It’s great that I can accomplish two goals at the same time, one to paint 52 paintings for the year of 2012 and second to acquire a body of work for an art show on my San Francisco series. The painting is underpainted with red and I noticed the red seems to vibrate, showing a glow when photographed. This painting was a challenge, due to the size of the bus taking most of the background and also a bright blue. I didn’t want to overdo painting the bus; it is a focal point, yet I also wanted the person walking towards us to be the focal point, as well. I guess you can have the “push pull” effect with objects, as well as color. The people on the sides were laid in simply, almost framing the focal points. I may do more way later, but now I must put it aside and start on another painting.

This #paint52 journey is magical, as well as a mystery. It is a mystery, a leap of faith to paint so many paintings in one year, not knowing what the end of the year will bring as a result of this venture. It has been magical, because it has already been very healing to be painting regularly. The more I paint the more I want to paint. It is filling my soul and I feel alive again.

Thank you for following my journey.