Do You Have a Sacred Place?


A Sacred Place
A Sacred Place-36" x 36" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas $3240

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. -- Joseph Campbell   


I’m a contemplative. I don’t know if I always was one or if that developed after I decided to stay home when Blake was born. I used to be in wholesale lumber sales, where constant noise and activity was the norm. I enjoyed the adrenaline rush of selling a commodity item and yet now I enjoy the quiet solitude of being home.


I have a “sacred space” that I visit regularly. It faces the most spectacular view. As I sit in this space, I easily go within. It puts me in a place of no time where I connect to the larger mind. Here I listen, I pray, I learn, and get inspired. I have been going to this space almost daily for the last 25 years. I originally went to this “sacred space” to be heard and prayed often for it. But now I have learned to listen and be.   I am guaranteed something will always happen when I am in this space, especially if I am open.


Listening to the constant chatter that surrounds us daily from social media, the news, television, our cell phones or just noise in general prevents us from hearing our creative muse. Our thoughts from the reptilian brain, the extraneous debris of unusable information encloses us from the frontal creative part of our brain. We become unfocused and distracted by rampant thoughts causing our internal space to be small and cramped. Quietness and solitude can create a vast space for innovative ideas, inspiration, guidance and problem solving.


Find your sacred space, it can be at home, in nature, or wherever you can find a moment of peace and quiet. Soon you will discover this sacred place will also become your creative space, a place of no limits, boundaries or time.



My Tale of the South Pacific


Crescent Bay


“When all you care about is here, this is a good place to be”. Emile de Becque

Can you remember the first time you cried at a movie? The movie was South Pacific derived from a plot by James A Michener’s Pulitzer Prize winning 1947 book, Tales of the South Pacific, and from the musical by Roger and Hammerstein.  It touched my heart and my soul.  I was seven-year-old, sobbing, as I watched the scene, when Lt. Cable's fatal plane crash was shot down by the Japanese, unable to return home to his love.  South Pacific was a reminder of the times, not only did I relate to being a military brat, and the separation I often felt, when my father had to be stationed away from us, but was mesmerized and in love with the beautiful scenery, in which this movie took place.  I also believe I had a deep knowing and premonition of a future with this island and the loss of my father to soon come after his mission in Vietnam. 

Mt. Makana, at the point, view of Hanalei Bay from Princeville.

Unknowingly, at 25 years old I revisited the scenes of South Pacific, in the North Shore, and Hanalei Bay of Kauai? I soon discovered that Bali Ha’i the volcanic island, within sight of the island on which most of the action takes place, really wasn’t an island in real life, but Mt. Makana cut off from a chain of mountains, found at the end of the road.  Auntie Louise, owner of Tahiti Nui Restaurant, may have been the recreation of Bloody Mary’s character. The beach on either side of the Hanalei pier was the principal filming location for most of the beach scenes involving the sailors led by Luther Billis played by Ray Walston. It was here that Juanita Hall as Bloody Mary sang the song about the mysterious island Bali Hai.  

Hanalei Pier at Hanalie Bay Kauai

Hanalei, Kauai, has captured my heart, fortunate to be able to have visited over 25 times, it has become a deep part of me where I have found much respite, enchantment and healing in my life.  Once you have visited Hanalei, you will never be the same.  It will be calling you as the song “Hanalei Moon” says, and as it has called me even before I had arrived.


When you see Hanalei by moonlight

You will be in Heaven by the sea

Every breeze, every wave will whisper

You are mine don't ever go away.

Old Kauai


*Crescent Bay is my 46th painting of my #paint52 Challenge, measures approx. 8" x 11", Atelier Acrylic on 400 lb vellum, price $220.00 Sold

*Old Kauai is my 47th painting of my #paint52 Challenge, measures 12" x 16", Atelier Acrylic on Artist Canvas Panel, price $350.00.  SOLD

 *All art from Janet Vanderhoof’s Fine Art Gallery, maybe seen in Janet’s studio at Morgan Hill, CA.   You may purchase through contacting my email or phone (408) 460-7237.  Thank you!