Open Studio Event Was A Success!

November was a fantastic month!  Why? Because I finally was able to see you in person.  I had a wonderful Open Studio November 6-7th.  This was Morgan Hill’s first Open Studio featuring 40 plus artists from Morgan Hill and Gilroy, CA.  It was a great success.

If you came to my Open Studio, you were able to see the unveiling of my series “Twelve of Twelve”, in which I took 12 of my favorite studies from 120 small abstracts and enlarged them to 36” x 36” in Cold wax on Arches oil paper.

Feeling the praise of the people who came to visit, not only allowed me to acknowledge all the hard work that I had done for this show, but it also validated 30 years of my experience in fine art. I didn’t realize how much it would fill my heart to see my customers in person and connect with you through my art. You were all so kind and encouraging.

You also, made me aware that I need to take my knowledge and set up some way I can share that knowledge either through workshops or online courses. I would be very open to hearing your suggestions. I had enough art lovers and artists ask me how to use Cold Wax medium, since that is currently my medium of choice.


It takes a village having a show. I want to give a nod to the Cultural and Arts commissioners Paul Lake and Suman Ganapathy, who had the vision to initiate the Morgan Hill Open Studio and Ellie Honl Herman Gallery director and Framing General manager at Colibri Gallery, who was a great support in making my Open Studio a success. She and her employees beautifully mounted my Twelve of Twelve series on cradled panels.

Below is a photo of their set up. They were able to take on the challenge of doing something unique and different for me.


It was a great feeling seeing my work come to fruition and seeing how beautifully they finished each piece.  I was very proud to show off my work knowing that they were quality from beginning to end. 

Thank you so much for coming to my show and if by chance you were too busy, here is a video of my Open Studio setup.  


I would like to offer that you are welcome to visit me anytime, either to ask questions or perhaps find a piece or two for your home.  Please send a message through the contact and I will get back to you as soon as possible to set up an appointment or answer your question.