When you have a breakthrough, you may think it is happening overnight, but what is actually happening is a natural progression from developing more knowledge and experience through the process of doing and learning. 

 Here are some of the major art experiences that have transformed my artwork. 

  1. Taking workshops in 2016-2017 with Melinda Cootsona, Pauline Agnews, Karen Kaapcke and Martin Campos. 

    2.  Completing the 100 Figure Challenge with Tina Berendsohn on Facebook. The drawings evolved from drawing figures to paintings the female figure over a two year period from 2018-2019.

    3.  Creating 120 abstract paintings over a six month period from 2019-2020.

The day by day changes in my work over the period of these last 4 years have helped me expand my repertoire of expertise in being able to express myself from the inside out with more ease than I have ever had before. 

I remember a significant breakthrough happened in September of 2018.  All that I learned about the figure, plus the new knowledge I gained from a variety of mediums and tools have catapulted me into a different level.  My style started to be natural to me and not forced.   

I have been creating art consistently for the last 30 years, and finally feel confident and free to create what I want without fear.  I have had more breakthroughs, because of this willingness to experiment, plus the increased amount of work I created.  

Thank you for following me and I promise this year to be more diligent keeping you up to date.