Some people can cross your path and change your whole direction~Anonymous 

I had the great opportunity to recently attend a workshop by Martin Campos, PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts) instructor, artist and philosopher offered by Melinda Cootsona. My intention prior to going to the workshop was not to learn how to paint the figure, which Martin excels in but to learn how to paint outside the lines.  He did not disappoint. 

I am finding even at my age the desire to learn is powerful and perhaps to unlearn is just as important; “untying the knots that have been tied”.


Martin Campos was influenced by his teacher Alex Kanevsky, who gives us permission to destroy and resurrect.  The destruction becomes the jewels through transformation; bits and pieces left as signs of their existence.

Martin beckons us to “dialogue with painting, by eradicating and bringing it back.  You have to be willing to let something fall apart to discover what is there.”


Martin goes to the canvas not knowing what is going to happen. This can be a fearful place for me.  This is totally against my process.  Although, I allow the painting to tell me what it needs, in the beginning I usually tend to know where I am going or where I prefer to go.  Now after taking this workshop, I feel lost, but also exhilarated to discover a side of my creativity untouched.  Instead of controlling the paint, I will allow it to control me.

Anytime I experience a teacher of this magnitude with such revolutionary thoughts, it causes me to sit and ponder, to wonder where my art will be taking me now.  But, I guess that’s the point; “I DON’T KNOW”. What a fearful and exciting place to be!