Pedicab Pier 24, Oil on canvas, 36" x 36"
Pedicab Pier 24, Oil on canvas, 36″ x 36″ Price $3240

“The outer limit of your potential is determined solely by your own beliefs and your own confidence in what you think is possible.” -– Brian Tracy

We’ve all had setbacks.  I have had some major ones in my life that started at a young age, especially my father dying when I was 9 years old.  My mother sold our home took us out of school and moved to France.  I could understand her reasoning’s, since she felt alone and needed to be with her family, but for me that was a lot to absorb.  We returned to the United States six months later, due to lack of schools provided in France.

My mother worked full-time, I became a latchkey kid.  I was pretty much alone and on my own.

I was brought up to survive. 

I had lost my self-esteem and confidence. 

We may not realize it, but what we say to others may not seem of any significance, but it may change another person’s life and I thank God for those experiences.  My first experience of this was on my graduation day from high school.   A simple note from my future brother-in-law saying, “Don’t stop here, the next best 4 years are ahead” had influenced me to go to college.  I never believed I could or would go to college.  “Wow, someone had faith in me.”   It pushed me just enough to complete a two year college and then transfer to San Jose State University, where I majored in Speech Pathology and Audiology. 

Believing I was a B or C student and just average, I pretty much went through the motions.  I do give myself credit for getting this far, but I needed to push further.

A dramatic change occurred overnight as a result of a question from my Anatomy & Physiology teacher.  He asked the class, “What do you believe about yourself that may be preventing you from succeeding?”  I knew I had to be honest. I knew I had to dig deep.

I raised my hand shaking and almost in tears.  “I’m a B and C student, Dr. Smith”.  This was a very competitive department. I think he was so surprised that I was so honest. He told me he was going to change that belief right away.  Our talk was unusual. He worked with brain-damaged patients and had first hand knowledge on what belief could do to you; the belief you had of yourself and the belief that others had for you.  He reminded me that this was just a false belief and it wasn’t true.  After meeting with him a few times he broke this pattern of belief.  Astoundingly, from then on I got straight A’s. 

Although it was fantastic to raise my grade point average, the real lesson was to question my beliefs.  Are my beliefs serving me?  I have realized the real strength comes from within despite what has happened in my life.  I am what I believe.

Does your beliefs serve you or limit you? Is your perception of your life not true? Is your belief system working for you or against you? Do you have a self-defeating belief system?

Painting above:  “Pedicab Pier 24″, 36″ x 36”, oil on museum wrapped canvas Price $3240

2k14 current footage 5152sq. inches 

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