"Meditation"-Acrylic on canvas, 16" X 20"
“Meditation”-Acrylic on canvas, 16″ X 20″


The calmer the water the clearer the reflection~ Anonymous


I’ve decided to take up meditation again.  For 13 years I would meditate regularly twice a day for twenty minutes. I even got my kids and husband to allow me to have this quiet time. It’s been 6 years since I have meditated regularly and have noticed that my health, stress and well being, have suffered because of it. 

Meditation lowers blood pressure, heart rate, lowers cholesterol levels, reduces stress hormones, and increases anti-ageing hormone DHEA, improves immune system and restful sleep. I didn’t realize that it helped with creativity as well.  Being and artist this becomes a great motivator. 

The wonderful reasons why meditation should be part of the artist’s life:


Calms the critic.

Gets you in touch with your authentic self, to express your uniqueness.

Helps you to get out of the repetitive loop of thinking that suppresses new ideas and inspiration.

Increases brain activity in the parts of the brain involved with ideas, insights and connections.

Increases your ability to focus on the big picture instead of trivia.

Helps you to be focused in the moment and enjoy the process as much as the result.

Increases insight moments of inspiration and answers to problems.

Eases fear and anxiety, less fear more risk taking and freer thinking.

Experience “Quantum Leaps” of imagination.

Be in a higher state of consciousness.

Helps you get in touch with the flow, where time stands still and effortless creating occurs.

Let’s you step in to the unknown.

Increases the ability to use your whole brain for problem solving.

Connects you to the field of infinite possibilities.


Do you meditate and if you do what have you discovered?


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*Above painting~”Meditation”, measures 16″ x 20″, acrylic on canvas, price $800

*All art from Janet Vanderhoof’s Fine Art Gallery, maybe seen in Janet’s studio at Morgan Hill, CA.   You may purchase through contacting my email jvander51@msn.com or phone (408) 460-7237.  Thank you!