Finding Inspiration


Little things along the way inspire us, but once in a while something big catches our eye. Inspiration can come from so many sources, but mine mostly come from people. If the inspiration is strong enough, it can carry into our own life experiences. Everyone who comes in our life, has the opportunity to help us on our journey to discover our best self.

Of course, our parents are always powerful influencers. My mother had a strong personality, acquired from her survival instincts of being a product of WWII and a widow at 37 years old. She was born in Normandy and lived most of her younger years during difficult times. She was adventurous and took risks, especially being one of the first war brides to sail to America; leaving her family behind. My fun-loving mother, had a certain joie de vivre. She taught me to always strive to stay young physically and mentally, live each day as if it was your last and most of all be curious.

Lately, I noticed a young woman on Instagram. Her name is Anna Vatuone. I briefly met her 5 years ago. She was young and discovering her self. I happened to catch her recently, when she just set off on an amazing journey. I saw a little of my mother in her, ready to take a leap and set off on an adventure. Her energy and daring was contagious and started to enliven and remind me of the attributes I gained from my mother.

Anna has the same high intuition, as my mother and as I believe I do. Anna’s intuition, relentlessly told her she needed to move from California. Instead of playing it “safe”, she put everything in storage, got in her car and began her trek across the US. She just drove; open to anything and open to any place. She had a vague idea where she wanted to go, but mostly let herself be led by her intuition, which I believe takes a tremendous amount of courage and trust.

She answered the call, as in Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. She knew she had to partake on this mission. Many times she wanted to turn around. It was only until she got to Chicago, she knew she wasn’t going to turn around and go back home. Her last travel spot would supposedly be New York, but after visiting Boston it was clear this would be her new home. She now became “Anna in Boston”.

I am so glad I followed her first hand from the beginning, when she made this incredible decision to embark on this journey. I was able see first hand that Joseph Campbell’s helping hands analogy were definitely with her. “When you are on the right path, invisible hands will come to your aid.” Opportunities and synchronicity miraculously began to happen for her. The universe was responding positively to her path. It was so amazing to see this develop firsthand.

She was so inspiring, spiritually and visually validating. Everything, although she took risks and worked hard, literally started to fall in her lap. I could see her fans be enthralled by her strength and courage as Anna met her challenges with grace. I saw her business “Personal Branding”, as well as her followers, increase ten fold in such a short amount of time.

She took the action we all needed to experience, especially during COVID and the hope that it could be attained once again.

Anna’s actual life experiences flooded me with energy to raise the bar and keep moving forward with my art and personal branding. She offers such wonderful ideas on her Instagram and is very generous, with helpful hints for your business.

Some of the attributes I am learning from her example are trust your own intuition, be vulnerable, take calculated risks or just risks, be unattached to outcome, commit to something bigger than yourself, be you it’s contagious, don’t give up, be willing to learn new things, show the good and the bad in your journey, speak from the place that is whole and complete and listen to your heart.

You can find Anna on Instagram, follow her journey on Youtube, “Anna in Boston” and also her Personal Branding site. You will find her refreshing and most of all, maybe you will find a piece of yourself that needed to be reminded of who you are and what you are meant to do with your life. Invest in yourself, as Anna did and be your biggest fan; you may discover helping hands will also be there to lift you.

Above painting is the 4th painting of my Twelve of Twelve Series.  “Calm” reflects such a deep calm that comes in your later years of life, knowing that everything is happening as it should.  I have a show lined up for the summer, hopefully all twelve paintings will be completed.  Let me know if you would like an invitation.