How to Record iPad Brushes Playback

     I have been thoroughly enjoying drawing on the iPad.  I have many applications to do so.  My favorite one is Brushes, because it has a special feature called the Playback.  Now, what the Playback allows you to do is play the drawing back from start to finish.  I find it fascinating to see the work in process.  I love how it evolves and a great reminder of what you may unconsciously have drawn.  I also, love for others to see the work in action and have found that it is a great way to have viewers become involved and participate in your work.  

    My quandary though was how do I enable a bigger audience to see the Playback, without showing them directly on the iPad.  Well, I am going to share the secret.  It took me two weeks to figure this out.  Granted I am not tech savvy, but for some reason no one knew how to do this and the information that I did get wasn’t very clear. After, many tries I figured out how to take the playback from the Brushes Application for iPad record it and also send it to my favorite Social Media.

 Here are the step-by- step instructions.  

1.  Download the Brushes Viewer from this site

 2.  From your iPad Brushes Gallery, mail the image to your computer; hit mail actions (this is important because it’s not just the image you need, but the entire drawing in action). It will send a file to your email.

3.  Open up Brushes Viewer Download.

4.  Download file of image action to computer.

5.  You will see recording, set the speed of which you want the playback to be, include name, file in pictures and hit export to you picture file.

6.  Go to finder, to locate exported movie, open it.

7.  At the bottom of the picture, you will see and arrow, click where you want to send it.  It includes, iTunes, MobileMe Gallery, YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker, Facebook and Mail.

     I like to send mine to YouTube, for easy access to Twitter and other Social Media.  When sending to YouTube, fill out forms and Meta keywords and make sure access for personal only is unchecked if you want public viewing.

     I hope this helps. Here are a few of my playbacks recorded.

     Title: Back to Black


YouTube Preview Image


Title: Trombone Shorty 


YouTube Preview Image


Title: Strike the Pose (This one I added and mp3 piece of my son’s music after downloading with Mac Quicktime)

YouTube Preview Image




  1. Fantastic I could watch these all day.

  2. Janet Vanderhoof says:

    Christine aren’t they fun. Thanks for the visit!

  3. It looks like you can only download if you have a MAC. I’ll have to figure out how to do it on my PC. Great sketches!

  4. Janet Vanderhoof says:

    Hi Geri, what are you trying to download?

  5. Hy thanks a lot for your instructions
    but I have a problem I can’ find the web site
    the browser tell me … not found.
    There is another site where I can find it? I try to search it without good results.
    Thanks for your help
    and sorry for my bad english

  6. Janet Vanderhoof says:

    Thank you Silvia for letting me know of the broken link. Apparently, things have changed and I do believe it is because Brushes 3 is out. I have written to the company and asked them for additional information. As soon as I hear from them I will let you know.

  7. Still no news on the Brushes viewer download? I too get broken link reports.

  8. Janet Vanderhoof says:

    I haven’t had time, but am wondering if it is an automatic with a newer version of Brushes. What Brushes are you using and have they another brushes app available?

  9. Max Margolis says:

    Can you update how you can download the video playback of the Brushes app. I want to show more people the video playback of the drawings on my I Pad, and I find your solution maybe out of date?

  10. Janet Vanderhoof says:

    It is Max after they upgraded brushes. For some reason the playback doesn’t work anymore with the new brushes. I have tried numerous times to get ahold of the company and they don’t respond. So sorry, if you find anything new please let me know and I will update my post.

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  12. Mybrushes is better drawing app which support playback, too.


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